Translucent Bath Ball-BLUE

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How can you enjoy your bath knowing the water is riddled with chlorine and other chemicals that are a detriment to your health? The Sprite Bath Ball Faucet Filter in Transparent Blue is a bath filter which uses a universal harness to attach to any bath faucet in order to reduce the amount of harmful chlorine in your bath water. This Sprite bath filter system uses the Sprite BBC Bath Ball Filter Cartridge (BBC), which utilizes a Chlorgon Media that has been tested and certified against NSF / ANSI Standard 177 for the reduction of free available chlorine. The advanced Sprite BB-TB bath filter also enhances your water's pH balance with minerals and reduces scale build-up on the walls of your bathtub. Sprite Bath Ball Faucet Filter Specifications: Color: Transparent Blue Filter Life: About 1 Year or 26,000 gallons Full and detailed instructions for installation and use are included.