Organic Pure Indigo Powder 100 grams

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Natural Indigo powder is actually not blue or black in color but is green and once water is added and the mix oxidizes it turns blackish/bluish in color. Natural Indigo can be used after a henna treatment to color your hair black or mix it with henna to color your hair lovely browns instead of coppery reds like henna does alone. Coloring with Indigo and henna will give your hair brownish undertones instead of reds and auburns like henna. WHAT IT IS: OUR ORGANIC INDIGO POWDER HAS A SUPER FINE SIFT AND IS VACUUM SEALED FOR FRESHNESS. OUR INDIGO IS CERTIFIED ORGANIC NO PPDs NO CHEMICAL DYES NO LEADS NO CONTAMINANTS OR ADULTERANTS Try the Medium or Dark Brown Bundle to color your hair using Indigo and Henna, color your hair naturally and safely with the purest indigo on the web, because you deserve it :-) PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW SHIPMENTS OF INDIGO ARRIVE 3-4 TIMES EACH YEAR SO IT'S ALWAYS FRESH