Organic Longjing (Dragonwell) Loose Green Tea 100 grams

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Longjing (translated as Dragon Well) tea leaves are roasted early in processing (after picking) to stop the natural oxidation ("fermentation") process, which is a part of creating black and oolong teas.

The actions of these enzymes is stopped by "firing" (heating in pans) or by steaming the leaves before they completely dry out. As is the case with other green teas (and white teas), Longjing tea leaves are therefore "unfermented."

When steeped, the tea produces a yellow-green color.

The tea contains vitamin C, amino acids, and, like most finer Chinese green teas, has one of the highest concentrations of catechins among teas.

This is one of our favorite teas it is smooth but has a bite due to the high catechin content which makes it one of the best for your health!