Organic Jasmine Tea 100 grams

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A derivative of Chinese Green Tea, Jasmine Tea has many benefits. Just like traditional green tea Jasmine Tea is packed with antioxidant, free radical fighting power! This in addition to helping fight and prevent cancer also has been shown to reduce the signs of aging. So for a glowing complexion drink up :-) Japanese studies have also shown it to relieve anxiety and drinking it will soothe and relax as well performing well as an anti-depressant. Also, due to a high amount of catechins is also effective in weight reduction and lowering cholesterol. As if this wasn't good enough, jasmine also boost immunity If you are prone to cold, lack of sleep, and throat infections, then jasmine tea can help soothe your aching throat, insomnia, and cold. It is known to help fight off the bacteria, making it tough for them to survive. It also boosts the immune system and prevents you from getting any kind of allergies. And it's organic and fair traded! What's not to love?!