Organic Hibiscus & Rosehips Loose Tea Blend 100 grams

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Butters-N-Bars Organic Hibiscus and Rosehip Loose Tea blend is a feel good combo that you simply should not pass up.

A wonderfully fruity, smooth tasting tea that has feel good ingredients that are good for improving overall well- being.

Rosehips and Hibiscus have respectively been used to cure, treat, and prevent a number of ailments.

Hibiscus has been known to help lower cholesterl, and help regulate blood sugar levels, and lower blood pressure.

Hibiscus also anti-spasmodic and may relieve spasms in the stomach, as well as being effective to rid the body of parasites and relieve occasional constipation.

Hibiscus also triggers the release of those feel good chemicals in the brain and studies have shown that hibiscus may cause a mildly sedative effect in some people, as well as helping to induce sleep.

Rosehips which are high in vitamin c are commonly used to boost immunity and are used to relieve pain associated with arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis.

They are also known to be a natural stimulant it gently allows movement of the bowels, as diuretic rose hips cleanse the urinary system, as a pectoral rosehips are a remedy for pulmonary and other lung diseases, and as a tonic the rose hips strengthen organs.

Both Hibiscus and Rosehips are remedied to help with menstrual flow and relief of uterine cramps associated with menstruation.

There are many, many more benefits to this wonderfully synergistic blend so steep well and drink often :-)