Organic Fair Traded Cane Sugar

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Butters-N-Bars is your new supplier of Fair Traded Certified Organic Cane Sugar!! Organic sugar crystals are formed from evaporated organic sugarcane juice. These sugar crystals are light in color, but big on taste. Deliciously Pure and not clawingly sweet and best of all not bleached or chemically altered. Organic Sugar, one of the most popular flavor enhancers, is a rich, natural sweetener that is non-GMO and free of preservatives. Fair Trade Organic Sugar gives us a sense of quality without sacrificing taste. It is extra light so this will not add any golden or yellow coloring to the end food product. Fair Trade Organic Sugar is also vegan and does not use Bone Char or any other raw materials containing animal products during the processing. Are you making goodies for customers who want organic products!!?? Then we've got you covered. Whether it's your baked goods or luscious sugar scrubs this is what you need. I prefer this in all my baking that requires sugar, all of my beverage making (unless I'm using a different natural sweetener), and everything else in between.