8 oz PET Amber Single-Wall Jar with Lid

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color: amber size: 8 oz material:PET This is an 8 oz single-wall jar made of clear PET. PET is a light-weight material that is well suited for liquids, creams, lotions and products containing essential oils. This low profile jar is an excellent choice for your whipped body butters. temperature tolerances -45°f to 110°f clarity -high chemical resistance - good impact resistance -high rigidity -medium scratch resistance -semi food contact acceptable -yes recyclable material-yes Please note this information has been provided as a general guide and it is your responsibility to test your product's compatibility with butters-n-bars packaging. neck finish: 89-400 height: 1.901 in / 4.829 cm Diameter: 3.688 in / 9.368 cm label dimensions: 11.3125 x 0.875 label in print dimensions: 11.5625 x 0.875 in