4 oz White Double Wall Round Base Jar with Lid

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IF YOU ARE ORDERING "SAMPLE" JAR TOPS MAY VARY IN COLOR AND/OR STYLE. PLEASE PUT A NOTE IN ORDER COMMENTS IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE color:white size:4 oz material:Polypropylene This is an 4 oz double-wall jar made of white Polypropylene. PP has very good resistance to fatigue, stress crack, and impact. PP is an excellent moisture barrier, a good alcohol and oil barrier, but poor gas barrier. Its SPI resin identification code number is 5 This jar is an excellent choice for your whipped body butters. temperature tolerances -45°f to 110°f clarity -high chemical resistance - good impact resistance -high rigidity -medium scratch resistance -semi food contact acceptable -yes recyclable material-yes Please note this information has been provided as a general guide and it is your responsibility to test your product's compatibility with butters-n-bars packaging.