How Paypal Ruins Lives

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How Paypal Ruins Lives

Hello Family,

I apologize for the seemingly random post but It's time for me to break the silence in regards to this issue.

I was on the fence about going public with this but at this point I realise that "coming clean" about it's reality is the only way I'll get just resolve, instead of trying to fight against the corporate machine or just doing nothing and allowing them to continue to do small business like this. They literally took everything I had leaving me and my family with nothing, and I sincerely hope that you all will help me spread the word. I have posted this to an independent twitter account and to my personal facebook page #paypalruinslives.

For years and years I never understood why I had customers who vehemently avoided paypal like the plague and it was until my 10 year old business was asked to jump through hoops and even after complying on April 10, 2017 was sent "the email" saying Paypal was parting ways with me. They gave me no notice whatsoever and at that time cited "a spike in sales" which was a complete lie because sales at that time were at an all time low.Holding in a reserve that ended up being funding for their fees- causing irreparable damages to me and my business.

I'm asking that anyone who reads this to  please share MY story, I need your voices to bring light and justice to this corrupt corporation. #sharethelove #bnbfamily #paypalruinslives

It's time I share my story how #paypalruinslives
... please read and share
How these thieves ,who were my sole payment processor at the time, without notice in early 2017 starting taking 30% of all my earnings and after I complied with what they requested (tracking for shipped orders)on April 10, 2017 sent me an email saying because of a rise in sales (lies because sales were down from previous years) the account ,that over the last 10 years processed hundreds of thousands of dollars, was closed without appeal and #paypal held everything in it (and still have whats left of it) and despite saying it was there FOR customers wouldn't even allow me to give refunds so I had to request customers go through for claims and chargebacks because I didn't even have money to send out orders placed. Turned into a very dark time because they left me with nothing without notice and collected nearly $8000 in chargeback fees alone...all the while nearly completely ruining my business and seriously effecting my mental well being. Loss of hundreds of thousands in revenue as a direct result, loss of customers, loss of stability while they cash in. So anyone who cares to hear #whathappenedwithBNB here you have it and it's time for me to break the silence.
I didn't even have answers or funds I've held it long enough unethical corrupt corporations like this can truly change lives and despite dozens of emails to PayPal corp, execs, even PR I've received no response and I want justice
Please help me get The word out, I need to be heard #paypalruinslives

comment, repost, share share share and of course Stay Beautiful thanking you all!!

*if any of you are still out there that were effected by this and these are orders placed prior to May 1,2017-please email me at 

I sent out numerous request via mass email for you all but perhaps done were missed and because of the situation at the time your communications with me wouldn't have been received and I can only apologize for what happened and I'm still Doing my best to be sure everyone is taken care of. 


  • Veronica

    Wow! So sorry to hear this. Even sorrier that you couldn’t get assistance from PayPal execs. Have you considered exposing them through media outlet. You never know… other businesses might have had the same experience. Nothing spells disaster for shady corporations than media exposure. Good luck! This is so awful!

  • T

    PayPal also destroyed my small eBay business ____ let me know if you decide to take action

  • Jade

    I love your company, and I am very sorry to hear that you had/ and are having so much trouble with PayPal. I am, unfortunately one of those people that was effected by the whole mishap. I only received 2/3 of my order. I was frustrated when there was no correspondence after receiving an email saying that you all had received my money . I am very glad that you decided to share this story with us, as I was still frustrated about waiting so long for the rest of my order to arrive.
    I hope you get everything figured out and that you do go back to selling your wonderful products.

  • Ms. S

    PayPal and Paymentech take advantage of small sellers. I wish I knew a way around it. Good luck to you. I feel like you might be better off if I mailed you my order with a money order attached. It’s so 19th century but at least you get to keep all of the money. I think it’s a shame how these companies kill you with a thousand little fees.

  • Peggi

    I am sorry for this problem.
    I Love your company and your products.
    I use PayPal A Lot!
    But now rethinking how I will pay for my online purchases in the future.
    Thanking you & Many Blessings.

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