Healing Clays... Back to the Earth

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Healing Clays... Back to the Earth

So I have a confession to make...I haven't always known about the tremendous benefits of clays although when I was 10 I sprained my ankle as my neighbor's  grandmother (everyone called her  meemaw) came over and I  the pot put some red dirt,  vinegar, and I really don't even know what else. But she heated it on the stove,  then brought it to me and proceeded to put this BLAZING HOT concoction on my ankle (tears, yes,lol). 

After she was done she tore up an old sheet and wrapped it up.  DESPITE the initial pain,  the sprain was healed in less than a day... More on uses to come though

So after I started my own family I started  learning More about alternative methods of keeping the bodies healthy I was in the phone with my supplier of molecular silver and this guy asked me if I used clays (because they sold some different clay) and I said well no...at which point came one of the most thought provoking statements.  He said to me 'Well we come From the Earth,  doesn't it make sense to heal ourselves with it?!'

TOTAL LIGHT BULB MOMENT, (as I dumbfoundedly had to answer 'ummm, yah I guess it does') that began my journey into learning using clays internally and externally. 

So with this blog post I'm letting you all know clays are wonderful and I'll be doing several post on how to use, and which clays are best for different applications. If anyone Is interested in seeing some how-to videos on mixing and the differences in the textures them LET ME KNOW leave a comment below 👇🏾.

In the meantime I have too figure out where to start😂

Stay tuned and Stay Beautiful 😚


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  • Novella E Lundy

    I’ve used Princes Borghese clay on my face and hair for over 35 years without realizing it was a natural clay. I just like how it made my skin and hair feel. :)

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